Q: Is the conference in English?

A: Ja! Natürlich. Over the last couple of years we have held the conference in Paris, with the majority of the audience coming from outside of France to attend the event. This will be the second year the conference takes place in the beautiful city of Vienna, Austria.

Heat Map of Europe

Q: I'm not a professional game developer. Can I come?

A: Of course! Students and programmers from different industries are more than welcome. In fact, you'll learn a great deal from the presentations if you're not yet working as a game developer, and the people working in industry are easy to approach and talk to! Last year, almost a quarter of the audience wasn't actively working in the games industry.

Q: What time does it start and finish? I need to book plane tickets.

A: You should ideally aim to arrive on the 1st in the evening. There's a nice reception starting at 19:00 with posters & demos, and you'll be able to pre-register. The main conference starts at around 9:00 on the 2nd (with registration taking place just before), and finishes around 18:00 on the 4th. If you must arrive late the first day or leave early the second day, that's fine; there'll be people around for registration if you need them. However, don't kick yourself later for missing great sessions or networking opportunities!

Q: What about social events?

A:The first conference evening features the official AiGameDev.com party, so keep September 2nd completely free. On the second evening of the conference, there will be lots of people around for drinks.

Q: How does the discount work for being a student?

A: You'll need to email us before you pay from your university or college email account, so we can verify your story! Then we'll send you a link to the lowest price tickets for you to register.

Q: Will this be useful to me as a researcher / academic?

A: Absolutely! We've realized over the last few years of running AiGameDev.com, since there are so many theoretical outlets for academia, what can benefit research the most is an understanding of what professional developers are already doing in industry. It's happened recently on multiple occasions that cutting-edge white papers are independently reinventing techniques that were used by developers a few years ago. Practical conferences like this are our solution.

Q: Why is it so cheap? What's the catch?

A: There are a limited number of places and you will have to get your own lunch! That aside, there's no catch. We're partnering with the University of Vienna and they are providing the amphitheatre; the rest of the event is organized by people & speakers who are genuinely passionate about their topic. We "sold-out" for each of the last three years and found that this model works very well — even better than the most expensive conferences — to the benefit of everyone in the game AI community!

Q: How can I find the venue?

A: The conference takes place at the Campus Altes AKH of the University of Vienna which is located in the 9th distric and is easily accessible by public transport (map). Please make sure to check the map as the university is spread over several locations and the conference venue is on the "Campus". At the campus it's well signposted and there will be banners and people standing outside for the event itself. We'll also email you with detailed instructions to find the exact building; once you've registered you'll be on the attendee mailing list, as long as you didn't request to unsubscribe.

Q: Where can I buy the tickets?

A: Just visit the official store and click on the ticket you'd like to buy: Bronze, Silver and Gold — depending on availability. You'll then be required to login using your AiGameDev.com account. Click on Checkout and then type in your credit card details!