The Game/AI Conference is the largest worldwide gathering dedicated to gameplay, character animation & artificial intelligence in game development, and we'd argue it's the most passionate event on the topic too — but we're a little biased. The last edition brought together leading developers from Europe and worldwide, and in total over two hundred (200) people from all around the globe — including programmers, designers, students and enthusiasts.

Who's The Conference For?

“Anyone passionate about Game AI!”

This conference is absolutely unique since it brings together veteran game developers and artificial intelligence professionals, together with students and enthusiasts keen to get into the games industry via AI. Because of the way we promoted and priced the event in 2012, the passion and friendly atmosphere was the most incredible our attendees ever saw at any conference — and this won't change in future either...

If you're passionate about coming, we want you to attend! See the registration page for discounts if you're a student, or if you're travelling from outside of Europe.

Comments & Feedback

Last year, the conference brought together developers from the leading studios around the world, including Ubisoft, Creative Assembly, Splash Damage, IO Interactive, People Can Fly / Epic, Crytek, Guerrilla Games and Microsoft. Here are some of the great comments that attendees have made about the Game/AI Conference over the last couple of years:

“Nice format and excellent content! Game/AI Conference definitely offered the right context to get inspired and share ideas.”
Aris Theophanidis, AI Technical Lead, Ubisoft Montreal.

“The conference was not just packed full of useful insights during the main talks; I learnt as much mingling with the other AI guys between presentations as I did in the lecture theatre. Definitely looking forward to bringing my whole team along next year. PS: The food was amazing!”
Tim Hanagan, AI Lead at Rocksteady Studios.

“What a great event. Focused, consistently high quality material, inspiring presentations. Well done to everyone involved!”
Thomas Young, Founder, PathEngine.

“The Game/AI Conference continues to be a highlight of the year for any AI developer or researcher. As the years go on, academia is managing to sit and talk as equals alongside industry veterans, now wanting to work with the industry. Without this conference, I such progress would not have been made as quickly. It feels that when the next big step happens in Game AI, it will thank this event as its catalyst
Kieran D’Archambaud, Lead Game Programmer at Evolution Studios.

“This conference was a real deal — cutting edge presentations and experienced speakers. My take away list from this one is impressive! I feel this event can really push Game AI forward!”
Mieszko Zielinski, AI Programmer, People Can Fly.

Top Seven(7) Reasons To Attend!

There are many benefits in attending the Game/AI Conference in Vienna next September, but here are the best reasons in our opinion:

  1. The event is entirely focused on Game AI and its application to commercial games... no distractions!
  2. Events from previous years were incredible (coverage from 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 ), and the 2014 edition is already looking to be even better still!
  3. It's affordable, yet completely priceless... Other conferences cost $50-$100 just for one session!
  4. You'll meet other passionate developers from the trenches — not publishers, journalists, marketers, or managers.
  5. The best conversations often happen over drinks, and there's the official party on the first evening.
  6. Vienna in the summer is great!
  7. The event is organized by, your favorite online community for AI in games!