Social Events & Networking 2012

Behavior Tree Workshop Mixer, September 16th, 2012

For those of you who are registered to the Vienna Behavior Tree Workshop 2012, set to take place on September 17th, you can attend the Behavior Tree Workshop Mixer — and the first drink is on us!

  • TIME: This informal gathering will start at around 19:00 and finish later in the evening. If you arrive in Vienna a bit later, that's fine too!
  • VENUE: The Mixer will take place at the Stiegl Ambulanz, right near the conference venue within the campus! (It's named on the official map.)

Demo/Poster Reception, September 17th

Anyone that has tickets to the main Game/AI Conference can attend the demo & poster reception on September 17th.

  • TIME: This will start around 18:00 and finish late in the evening... Not too late though as the sessions start in the morning of the 18th!
  • VENUE: The reception takes place within the University of Vienna, in the lobby of the conference amphitheater itself. (See the blue marker on the official map.)

You'll be able to register for the conference here and avoid the rush on the 18th, as well as network with other conference attendees and interact with the students and researchers showing their posters.

Official Conference Party, September 18th

It's the perfect time of year to stand outside and chat or sit inside for a quiet drink.

  • TIME: The party starts around 18:00 (for attendees) or 20:00 (for guests) and finish late in the evening... You can say until the early hours as long as you can get up for the first sessions!
  • VENUE: The Edison Cafe across the street hosts this year's party, see the green marker on the official map. You'll be able to get great food on location as well as very reasonably priced drinks!

Exclusive V.I.P. Dinner, September 19th

This dinner is for PREMIUM or ULTIMATE Members with V.I.P. Gold ticket purchases only (you need both).

  • TIME: This dinner takes place at 19:00, shortly after the final conference sessions.
  • VENUE: The restaurant is the Universität Bräuhaus, which is also close to the conference amphitheater within campus. (See the location on the official map.)