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Alex J. Champandard on March 17, 2015

Whew! Yesterday the tickets for Game/AI Conf. 2015 became available via's Tickets page. It's been a very busy day with lots of questions, so we thought it's best to write down all the answers here...

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Q: Which ticket gets me into the Game/AI Conf.?

A: You need the main Conference ticket at €359, set at €249 for Early Bird and €299 for Early Worm. These Early tickets on sale now are in limited supply, and there are additional discounts for students or indies.

The main Conference ticket gives you access to the main amphitheatre for three days, with a diverse selection of high-profile presentations from various topics — and more. If you want to follow those specific tracks more in-depth than in the main amphitheatre, there's also an All Access pass for three days.

Q: What happened to the Game/AI Workshops?

A: The "workshops" are now running at the same time as the main conference itself, in their own dedicated "masterclass" room accessible with All Access passes. This room will feature in-depth tutorials as well as advanced Q&A and discussions among experts in their topics. Each day actually features 2.5 different tracks in parallel, so spend your time masterclass room to stay at the cutting-edge or follow the track as it switches rooms if you're eager to focus on the topic itself.

NOTE: With an All Access ticket you get the full recordings for the main room as well as more networking opportunities over lunch, so you won't miss anything!

Q: When will you announce program details?

A: Most of the tracks already have multiple speakers confirmed, and one track is almost finalized! After the first wave of Early Bird ticket sales ends, we'll release more information about specific tracks and speakers. Expect the first talks announced in time for Early Worm sales, and track days to be scheduled by May 1st.

For returning visitors and those of you that are already convinced, we have arranged Early Bird ticket discounts — as our special way of saying thanks for supporting the event over the years! In general, if you're interested in All Access because of the networking lunches, the recordings, or the topics of the masterclasses, you should secure your ticket ASAP :-)

Q: Why is the conference now three (3) days long?

A: Previously, the main Game/AI Conf. was only two (2) days and the workshops added two more days for a total of four days (4). We felt three days was the best compromise to sustain a high-impact event that inspires everyone there and leaves people feeling energized!

In case you want to customize your experience, from May 1st onward and after the Early Bird sale, you'll be able to purchase All Access tickets for each day if there's one topic in particular that you want to focus on. Subscribe to the newsletter or follow us on social media to get the announcement.

Q: How do I get into and Game/AI Conf?

A: They are both the same event, so any ticket gets you in to both! The only question is how deeply you want to dig into each topic and how keen you are on networking with other V.I.P., the organizers and the speakers. For that you'll need an All Access pass, which includes access to all rooms and tracks as well as the networking lunches and the full recordings.

Q: Are there student/indie/other discounts this year?

A: Yes, of course! First, we're looking for volunteers so if you want join the team to help at the event in exchange for a free ticket and cool T-shirts, then send an email to the address below. Secondly, students can secure discounts of 60% on top of the Early Bird and Early Worm sales, and for indies and unemployed developers it's a 20% discount — and we're even giving an extra discount for All Access passes.

To secure your discounts, also email <events at> and let us know of your current status. It'll be manually checked, normally within a working day, and we'll send you the link and discount code to purchase your tickets...

Q: Can you explain the various pricing options?

A: The tickets currently available are 3-day tickets; it's a whole day longer than last year so the prices reflect this. However, we will be making 1-day tickets available shortly after May 1st once the track schedule is finalized if you'd like to customize your conference more!

If you purchase Early Bird tickets before April 30th, or Early Worm tickets before June 15th, the prices are obviously lower! For students, indies and unemployed developers, you're entitled to an additional discount of 20% to 40% percent or more. Details are on the Tickets page.

Q: How long will Early Bird tickets remain available?

A: Tickets on sale are in limited supply! The venue has a limited size (for fire and safety regulations), so we've allocated a maximum 20% of those tickets to the Early Bird sale. Last year, those tickets sold out within days since the venue was smaller. This year, there are more seats so it's likely you have a few weeks to decide and purchase your discounted tickets. After the Early Birds, another batch of tickets is reserved for Early Worms which is a bit more expensive, but likewise allocated in limited quantities.

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